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Scout trailer stolen

Boothstown Scouts & Guides Box Trailer

The trailer is White twin axle box 6x10x6 with a roller shutter rear door. There is a new design Scout logo roundel on the rear above the door. The trailer lights are LED however non of the small running lights have lamps in them as we were going to replace them all.

The trailer contained 10 green Vango 6 man tents, a large 8 man blue tunnel tent, canvas mess tent, catering equipment, water barrels, gas burners and lots of other smaller pieces of camping equipment.

It was stolen sometime after Friday Evening 29th July from Garden Lane, Boothstown (It was behind 3 locked gates, and fitted with a hitch lock and wheel clamp!)

Any info please contact 9thworsley@gmail.com or GM Police Ref 13952M/16

PeelPlanning Farce from page one

The Lead Member for Planning had also appeared pre-meeting to taunt Boothstown residents on Twitter... `Only one in 10 new homes in Salford are on greenfield land; ironically 52 in Weaste and Langworthy, just one in leafy Worsley'...

While Antrobus was allowed a vote at the planning meeting, planning panel member Councillor Bob Clarke, who had campaigned against the application, wasn't allowed to take part at all.

Now the three ward councillors for Boothstown are to put a formal complaint to Salford City Council's Monitoring Officer, Miranda Carruthers-Watt next week...

"Councillor Antrobus made his decision before this planning meeting that he was going to accept it" explained Boothstown Conservative Councillor Robin Garrido "He spoke at the last Council meeting and, whatever words he used, he was saying `I believe these houses should be built'. That is against planning regulations.

"Three ward councillors have decided that we are going to take advice with the legal officer of the Council about the actions that Councillor Antrobus has taken" he added "We do not believe that as Lead Member for Planning he should have a vote on the planning committee if he's making strategic decisions. We believe that's totally wrong and we are going to take him to task on that. We will be making a complaint."

Far from being `NIMBYs', residents had made logical arguments when speaking at the panel meeting – and these were supported by three of the Labour councillors on the panel, who voted against the application.

Resident Shazli Azmi, a young mother and doctor at MRI in Manchester, slated the gridlock in the area already, and told how it was taking two hours to get to work because of traffic congestion... "It's impossible to get off the estate in the morning and it's adding three to four hours on my working day" she explained, adding that the local nursery was so full there is no guarantee of a place...

"I've spent ten years training as a junior doctor and can't work the days they want me to work just because of where I live" she added.

Her sentiments and those of others who spoke about the gridlock were backed up by Labour councillor, Ronnie Wilson, who is not a resident of Boothstown but spoke of "unbelievable queues" on Leigh Road...

"I've never known an area so congested for so long" he said, imploring those who believed Peel's statistics showing that its development wouldn't add to that to "go through the area yourselves, it's unbelievable..."

Michael Howard of Boothstown Residents Association, told the panel that Leigh Road, originally built for horse and carts, remained unchanged, despite the transformation of Boothstown from village to suburb recently. Stephen Varley, of the Moorings Estate Residents Society, gave figures on the volume of traffic on the A572, saying the problems were so acute the local MP and Council actually held an `urgent summit' to try and resolve it... "Until there is a solution there cannot be a strong enough justification for this application" he concluded.

Peel's representative, meanwhile, stressed `community support', `engagement with the media' (the company refused to answer Salford Star questions on the application) and how "every effort has been made to listen to the community", causing much laughter amongst residents.

Indeed, resident Martin Seeley, condemning the `concrete jungle' Salford Council was encouraging, quoted the city's motto, `The welfare of the people is the highest law' and changed it to `The welfare of Peel is the highest law...'...

"Take on board what ordinary people are saying" he told councillors "This is your constituents here..."

In response, Councillor Derek Antrobus stressed the need for new developments and the `considerable benefits' of Peel's scheme, including `rare' Section 106 payments.

However, fellow Labour councillor, Peter Wheeler, questioned the details of the social housing provision put forward, and said "We can't go on pouring more houses into the existing infrastructure and expect it to work...it's the same all over the city."

His points were supported by Councillor Charlie McIntyre, who said he had concerns about air quality and traffic pollution... "to add to it is inappropriate" he explained.

Councillors Wilson, McIntyre and Wheeler voted against Peels' plans but six other Labour councillors voted in favour. It left residents and local councillor, Robin Garrido seething...

"The decision that has been made today proves that Salford Council will never, ever listen to residents and will never listen to reason either" he told the Salford Star "What we have seen this morning is resident after resident coming before the planning panel giving reasoned arguments, not just emotional arguments. Yet the panel has just approved the building of another 132 family houses with no schools for children to go to, no places in the doctors surgery, no buses to take people to the places they need to go...

"I think it's a travesty of justice that, yet again, we have a Council that pays lip services to the community but does not listen to what the community has to say, and seems for some reason to be totally starry eyed about Peel" he added.

"Peel will not be content until they have built on every scrap of greenfield land in Boothstown or Ellenbrook, or anywhere in the city that they actually own" he insisted "This isn't going to stop the residents. We might have lost this battle but we haven't yet lost the war and we will continue to fight for every scrap of green land in Boothstown to stop it being developed - and maybe the planning councillors will be their own people and will not follow the leadership..."

*After approving the Boothstown application, councillors unanimously approved Peel Holdings application for the next phase of MediaCityUK, with one abstention from Councillor Bob Clarke. The Peel representatives spoke of the company's "strong relationship", working closely with planning officers, councillors and Urban Vision on the project.

Councillor Antrobus expressed how "very pleased" he was with the "fantastic" proposals. When councillors questioned the total lack of affordable housing on Media City, possible traffic problems, lack of schools etc they were told that the outline application had been passed in 2006... "Our hands are tied" explained planning chair, Councillor Ray Mashiter, cheerily, "it's all outside our determination..."