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Comment on Fly tipping

Try Stanfield Shopping centre where rubbish is being dumped next to the recycling bins and behind them next to the fencing of Leafield Drive residents. Salford Council has not cleared this despite informing them. Rubbish and shrubs blocking out back entrances too. Check anti social behaviour around the Shopping Centre at weekends now! Seems the rabble has moved on from Moseley Common to here!

Ayub. Boothstown

Comment on Fly tipping

Used to take a short cut to shop on chaddock lane from where I live, stopped doing it, the ginnel, on both sides,from the queens to the Methodist Church stinks in summer with all the bins behind chaddock lane houses that lazy people will not take in, last time I walked down there, I thought Salford council had opened a new tip with all sorts of rubbish thrown out into the ginnel,stuff that you could take to the tip in car, toys, carpets,building material,scrap metal etc.we won't win any prizes for clean alleys why leave it for the binmen to take, if it's not in the bin, they will not take it, have some pride in your area, out of sight out of mind comes to some people.

Anthony. Boothstown

Scarecrow Festival

 You might find we are all trying to win Fred I hope everyone will take part but come into lindale hall for a look at the stalls children's craft corner and food and drink let us all work together to have a family fun day out ...if you want to do a stall on the day please let me know x

Mavis. Boothstown

Dangerous road markings

After an accident last year when the markings came, different markings from now, I complained that we were being directed straight onto t he pavement .they took them off next day but now they have them wrong again. Its simple, they need to move the arrows further away from each other.its the law to go round each other.

Hazel Mosley Common

Dangerous road markings

These markings were drawn on this junction some months ago.

I raised this as an issue, which was causing more congestions with traffic and salfords Urban Vision at the open meeting which Andy Burnham attended at Fred Longworth High school.... after which traffic/highways removed the markers from the junction.I am now therefore baffled as to why they have been reinstated ?

These markings give complete and total priority to traffic coming from Salford (Boothstown), and restrict the traffic coming from Wigan (Mosley Common)...why?  

The flow and weight of traffic, at this site is always more coming from Wigan (Mosley Common), during the busiest periods towards Salford/M60 Junction and Manchester than in the other direction.

Also we are about to see around 1,000 more dwellings built in Mosley Common.....therefore these marking are only set to congest and create traffic jams.

I would like Traffic and Salford council to comment on this, and why, after once being removed, they have now been reinstated?

Maxine. Mosley Common

Dangerous road markings

This junction needs looking at urgently. The lights need to include a pedestrian crossing option and the road marking need to be either removed completely (personally I had never had a problem turning right before the road markings) or changed to be safer.

Rachel Mosley Common

Editorial comment

The community group Mosley Common in Bloom are currently negotiating plans that they have submitted to Salford Council who are responsible for the junction.
The plans drawn up by Maxine Abberley MCIB Chair would provide much better safety for pedestrians, and safer turning for vehicles.

Mosley Common in Bloon is not just about flowers and festivals they also do much more very important work for the community.

Dangerous road markings

If cars were stopped from turning right coming from Boothstown & instead sent into Boothstown to come up Ellenbrook road to the lights people would struggle to get through the lights from Mosley Common into Boothstown because the volume of traffic would increase vastly. It's horrendous trying to get through Boothstown in a morning.

Lesley Mosley Common

Dangerous road markings

I agree that a pedestrian set of lights at the Mosley Common/ East Lancs junction would certainly be a great improvement for pedestrians.

Mums and children's lives are put at risk more and more with the increase in traffic.

The speed that some drivers approach the lights is extremely unnerving for the infirm and the ageing population,me included.

While you are looking and making sure it's safe to cross those staggered lights can be confusing,especially while stood on the small island and the lights change  you can easily mistake them for which traffic is being allowed to stop and which is ready to move when you cannot see very well.

I also thought the law states that drivers should cross behind each other.

Plus,has the law changed about parking half on half off the (pedestrian) pavement?

My 80 years old husband had to ask a driver who was sat in his seat if he would close his door so that he could get passed carrying two bags of shopping!

Boothstown brew is like an obstacle course at times!

Margaret and Tony.


Pavement parking is under control of local councils Salford allow it . I have suggested there should be double yellow lines from Chaddock Lane to the traffic lights on the up side of Mosley Common Road. This would vastly improve safety of pedestrians and drivers. Wheelchairs and baby push chairs are forced into the road by very inconsiderate parking on the hill.

Dangerous road Markings

Cheryl Walsh Utter chaos again at this junction earlier #accidentwaitingtohappen

Cheryl Walsh Mosley Common

Dangerous road marking

Needs a proper crossing on the junction

Sheryl Furbey Mosley Common

Dangerous road markings

 Fred it's made things worse in the morning and evening what an absolute mess

John Worrall. Mosley Common

Read what Watchdog thinks about the markings HERE


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