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 Hilarious !!! ....., that's the second time the 'Backwards' at the Council have got them wrong !!

Marvin Nash

East Lancashire Road Markings

This junction is a total nightmare at rush hour has been for years!!! nobody has a clue as to if they are passing behind or in front and if you attempt to pass in front you get drivers beeping at you as they thing you are in the wrong place ... same happens if you go to pass behind, ..... the road markings are a total JOKE they are totally in line with each other which means if a car is turning right onto the lancs heading towards Manchester and is in the "box" a car wanting to right towards Astley cant get near their box ??!!!! That is exactly how someone marked it out last time and it was taken out due to utter chaos ..... then they re do the exact same thing!!!!!! ...... The junction NEEDS something but I am at a loss really as to how you map it out ..... There was accident there again the other week prior to the new markings.

Jane Berry

Salford is responsible for the junction and look which side the markings favour. Not the Wigan side that's for sure!

Lee Simpson Mosley Common

They have tried it before then came and removed them. What a joke, the junction is not wide enough.

Sarah Lingings Mosley Common

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I thought I was losing the plot when I came out of this junction this morning and saw stupid painted signs. Traffic doesn't have a clue what to do.

Helen  Mosley Common

Problem here is, nobody knows how to turn right anymore, drivers tend to aim to cut the corner rather than turn the corner, this results in traffic building up behind them because the vehicle turning right hasnt moved forward enough into a right turn position but hung back to cross diagonally at the junction, as is mentioned, curved arrows in the right position may help, it makes sense that if cars were to move forward enough into a right turn position it would force cars coming from boothstown to pass them rather than being uncertain what to do as is often the case and trying to cut across the front of the vehicles causing even more stress to those behind them

Jack. Mosley Common

I am glad the councillor has got involved, bit I feel this crossing could do with some sort of sign to make cars go round each other when turning right.(this being a big cause of accidents). I dont want to cause more friction but may try to speak to traffic manager later. Even curved arrows placed in the right position may help?

Hazel Mosley Common

Because of the narrowness of the junction and being unsighted by approaching in an uphill direction, the right turn is always going to be hazardous.

There is an argument for a 'No Right Turn' onto the East Lancs Road coming up from

Boothstown. It would be inconvenient at first but people would soon get used to it.

Stuart Mosley Common